Saturday, September 4, 2021

Caribbean Cruise Packing Must Haves


In addition to the Trips with Angie Caribbean Cruise packing list found here, I brought along some great Amazon finds on last week's Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Magic. 

These are Amazon affiliate links. 

1. Metallic Magnetic Hooks - The walls are all metal so magnetic hooks are super helpful to keep items off the floor. We bought ten small hooks. I used them to hang out bathing suits to dry, our face masks by the door, and my purses organized. 

2. Speaking of bathing suits, I love this bikini, swim shirt and swim hat. I am a huge proponent of swim shirts and swim hats.  I am terrible about reapplying sunscreen. This keeps the sunburn away. 

3. I am slowly replacing a lot of my t-shirts with dri-fit or moisture wicking shirts. The Caribbean heat and humidity are no joke. This helps wick away the sweat. 

4. For packing, I love using packing cubes. Cruise cabins tend to have more shelves than drawers. I keep the clothes packed in the cubes to keep them organized. I designate one shelf for dirty clothes. About halfway through the trip, I empty the remaining clean clothes out of the packing cubes and start packing the dirty clothes. 

5. I also love a good sleeveless dress to dress up for dinner. This option packed beautifully. 

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