Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Caribbean Cruise Packing List

Three things to consider when packing for a Caribbean Cruise are the weather, your activities, and the dress codes on the ship.  

Highs will range between 80s - 90s with lows in the 70s - 80s. Rain will be likely in the summer and fall. I bring a poncho for rain. I find it covers more and is easier to carry around. 

  • Sandals/Water resistant shoes  - If you will be climbing waterfalls or exploring a rocky beach, you may want to bring water shoes.  
  • A bag to carry around in port - A collapsible bag will be helpful - especially if you need to take off some layers or to carry water. 
  • Polarized sunglasses - The glare from the water may make it difficult to see. 
  • Sunscreen - Bring more than you think you will need as it’s expensive to purchase on the ship. 
  • A waterproof case or Ziploc bag for your camera for water excursions 
  • Extra memory card for your camera 
  • Insect Repellent - Be sure to bring the pump version, not the aerosol. 
  • Refillable Water Bottle

General Items

  • Alarm Clock - Cruise cabins do not have alarm clocks. 
  • Over the Counter Medications - Bring any over the counter medications you may need. Also include Seasickness cures if you think you’ll be impacted by the ship’s movement. 
  • Hat 
  • All your toiletries - Cruise cabins do not have the same amenities as hotels. 
  • Laundry Soap - Many ships and hotels have self-service laundromats. 


  • Dining Dress Codes -  Check your cruise line’s dress code to ensure you have proper attire. For men, slacks, dress shoes, and a collared formal shirt should suffice. For women, a dress or nice pants outfit should work. For a seven night cruise, I usually bring 4 dresses - one that qualifies as elegant. Two dresses I wear twice. My husband brings 3 pairs of khakis and six collared shirts - mix of polo and those button down linen ones with one long sleeved for elegant night. 
  • Swimsuits - Bring at least two. You have to assume that most days will be spent in a swimsuit with some type of cover up. 
  • Casual Clothes -  For a seven night cruise, I bring two swimsuit cover-ups, 2 -3 pairs of shorts, 3 t-shirts. I find that gives me enough variety because I don't mind wearing the same pair of shorts for a few days.  Shorts with pockets are good because you'll need to carry your sail and sign card with you. My husband brings 3 -4 pairs or shorts with 3 -5 quick dry shirts. 
  • Workout Clothes - If you plan to workout daily- bring two sets of workout clothes so you can hand wash and then leave drying in the bathroom. Since it's so humid - it usually take more than a day to drive. Remember socks. 
  • A sweater or light jacket - Pack a sweater in case the air conditioning is aggressive. 
  • Pajamas
What items am I missing? What else do you usually take on a cruise? 

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