Friday, December 6, 2019

Travel Gifts Part 3 - Safety

A few people asked for gift ideas for the traveler in their life so I pulled together this list of products that I use and love.  The pictures are affiliate links to Amazon.

 If you click on  the picture, you'll be able to add the product right to your Amazon cart.

These products worked well for me, but I am making no claim about them.

This is Part 3. Click here for Part 2. Click here for Part 1.

RFID Blocking Sleeves and Passport Holders
RFID readers can skim your credit card and personal information. These sleeves and passport holder block that signal.

Carbon Monoxide Detector
If your traveler frequently rents homes, I think this is a must have. A family visiting Mexico died from carbon monoxide poisoning in a home rental.

Cross Body Purse
I love this purse. It has great organization. You can't cut the strap. The main pockets lock. It makes me feel more confident walking around a new city.

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