Friday, December 6, 2019

Travel Gifts Part 2

A few people asked for gift ideas for the traveler in their life so I pulled together this list of products that I use and love.  The pictures are affiliate links to Amazon.

 If you click on  the picture, you'll be able to add the product right to your Amazon cart.

These products worked well for me, but I am making no claim about them.

This is Part 2. Click here for Part 1.

Cord Organizer
I need to keep all my cords together or when I open my bag it looks like snacks are jumping out. Both my husband and I use this cute bag. 

3 oz containers
If you want to carry your bags onto the flight, you'll need to switch some of your favorite products to a 3 oz container. I use these.

Travel Adapter and Converter
If you headed across the ocean, this is great to pack. It's an adapter and a converter. An adapter will allow you to plug your device into a different type of plug. A converter protects your device if the electricity runs on a different voltage.

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