Thursday, February 9, 2017

Vacation Planning Fail #3: Losing sight of the goal

This is the idea that a lot of people get really locked in on price and totally forget the initial goals for their vacation. I get it. Budget is so important. In fact, I probably take it too seriously. I've had clients come back and say I wish you would have push me to upgrade.

So you're planning a vacation it's really important to think through all elements of your trip and not get too caught up in the price range. I can't tell you how many people come to me 2 to 4 weeks before their travel date and say can I have grade first class? Can we switch to the nonstop flight?  Can I upgrade a room? When it gets to the point, they are thinking through the vacation, they realize that maybe their choices to save money will make them miserable.

A rule of thumb I use for myself when evaluating different upgrade is I say to myself, "Self, if we got to the resort and the desk clerk said I can upgrade you from your garden view junior suite to an ocean view junior suite for an additional 200 bucks, would I take it? That's what I think about.

It's the same with figuring out your flights. When you're sitting in the middle of airport for 5 hours, the hundred bucks you saved per person is not going to feel like a win.

My job is to help you figure out what is worth the investment and where you can save money. I can help you assess if the upgrade if worth it or what exactly it's going to be like to take the shared shuttle versus getting a private transfer.

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  1. Great tip!! I always feel my time is worth something so getting that private transfer to the resort is well worth the extra cost. Faster to the fun!!