Thursday, February 9, 2017

Vacation Planning Fail #2: Trusting Your Friends or the Internet

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Okay, Okay, I may have overstated that. Recommendations from people you know, like and trust are critical when making any choice. I do see some of my clients head down a tangential path when their friends' recommendations don't line up with what is most important to them. 

If you are friends with someone, but you would never go out to eat with them because you do not have the same taste in food, you may not want to take their advice if they recommend a resort based on the food.

It's really important to know when this person went to this resort. Resorts go through lots of renovation. Lastly, you also want to know how old their kids were when they went to that resort. If you're looking to vacation with teenagers, and your friends tell you that they loved a resort because of all the kid activities but they went when their kids were two and five - this may not be the best resort for you.

Some important questions to ask to qualify your friend's recommendations:
  • What did you like best about the resort?
  • What do you think I would like about resort?
  • When were you there?
  • How old was everyone in your party?

This is where I can be helpful in curating that list of recommendations from friends and family to what meets what's most important to you. We can start that process with a 20 minute free consultation. Click here to schedule yours.

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