Wednesday, October 13, 2021

How to Decode All Inclusive Resort Room Categories


One common complaint I see on online review websites is disappointment with a room's view. This is one reason I visit so many resorts each year. Ocean view does not mean the same thing at all resorts.

The most common room categories you'll see are:
  • Tropical view or Resort view
  • Ocean View
  • Oceanfront

Tropical View or Resort View
This is usually the less expensive room category. This views are of the resort. It can vary from an air conditioning unit, the resort next door or vegetation at the resort. This tour of Dreams Jade includes a tropical view junior suite room tour.

Ocean View
This means from some part of the balcony you can see the ocean. This is the most varied room category I've seen across resorts. I've had a room at Secrets Maroma that I could only see a sliver of the ocean if I squat down and peered through two buildings. The most common type of ocean view junior suite I've had is similar to this room at Secrets Playa Mujeres. You look over the resort to the ocean.

This is the best category for getting a great ocean view. It means that the building the room is in sits right on the beach. You don't look over the resort. You look straight to the ocean like this room at Haven Riviera Cancun.

I hope this helps explain the difference between different views you may find at all inclusive resorts.

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