Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Cancun Excursions for Scuba Divers


Not only is it home to the second largest barrier reef in the world, but the shallow waters make the waters in and around the Cancun area a great place for both beginners and professional divers alike. If Scuba Diving is on your vacation bucket list check out these great options!

These excursions are perfect for those that are interested in trying Scuba Diving but are not sure they are ready to go through a certification course. Discover Scuba Diving located in the Cancun Hotel Zone takes place in a pool, off a beach or from a dive boat. This is a quick and easy introduction to see what it takes to explore the world underwater. This excursion is offered at 11 am  Monday through Saturday. Minimum age is 10. A similar option is also offered daily in the Tulum area. Same age restriction applies.

If you would like to get certified in Scuba Diving while on your Cancun vacation these excursions are for you. Open Water Diving Certification (PADI) at Cancun and PADI Open Water Certification at Tulum. These are multi-day excursions, minimum age is 10. 

For Scuba Divers looking to dive a shipwreck here are two excellent options, Playa Del Carmen Wreck & Reef Diving and Wreck and Reef Dive Cancun -2 tanks. In Playa Del Carmen explore the shipwreck of Mama Viña and the species of marine life that reside around this artificial reef. This is an all day tour offered 7 days a week with a start time of 8 am. In Cancun explore the General Anaya, a C-58 minesweeper which broke in half during Hurricane Wilma in 2005 and now lays 85 feet below the surface. In the winter months the area is crowded with eagle rays, year round divers will see plenty of tropical fish, turtles, and other marine creatures. This tour lasts 5 hours and is offered on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Divers looking to get close to some sharks should check out these two dives, Bull Shark Diving and Mako Shark Diving. Bull Sharks can swim in fresh water as well as salt water and they are drawn to the coast by the freshwater pumped into the sea by the freshwater cenotes. The best time to see them is November to March. This full day tour is offered daily in the winter months. Did you know that the Mako Shark is the fastest shark in the ocean? This dive takes place in a cage constructed of aluminum pipe and solid bar stock floated on the surface or submerged just a few feet. This tour lasts 9 hours.

Cenotes, unique to the Yucatan Peninsula, are a massive system of underwater caverns and caves. Explore this underground world through a Cenote Scuba Diving Experience with an experienced cave diver. This all day tour is offered daily at 8 am.

This two-tank dive tour option starts with the Underwater Museum, explore a collection of art underwater and an artificial reef that was created to help natural reefs recover. The museum started with just three statues and today the collection has over 470 life-sized sculptures. The second dive is at a natural coral reef teeming with fish and turtles. This five hour tour is offered every day except on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

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