Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Booking a cruise? Why You Should Use a Travel Agent

"Why do I need your help to book a cruise? It's so easy. I can do it myself."

This is 100% true. If you have the time and the patience, you can recreate the research I do for you.

Yesterday, I got a request: We want a cruise of 7 to 10 nights between June 15th - July 15, 2020. We do not want to go to the Caribbean, Alaska or the Mediterranean.

On Your Own Research - Visit every cruise line's website and search for sailings during those dates. Write it all down. Try to figure out if you got them all. Hint: There's approximately 70 cruises on the main cruise lines that meet the criteria.

Working with me: Of the 70 cruises, I have special rates or perks on 24 of those sailings not available through the cruise line.

But the real magic comes in curating the list so you aren't overwhelmed.

To narrow down the list of 70 cruises, I ask a series of questions - How far do you want to fly? What amenities on the ship are important? What destination sounds most intriguing to you? What's the price range you have in mind?

Then, I prepare a list for you of sailings I recommend based my personal experience cruising and the trainings I've taken over the years. You get the list via email.

I can also review the current inventory to make sure connecting cabins or cabins close together are available. I can place options on hold so you have some type to decide without losing the booking.

Working with a travel agent is not for everyone. Many people love all the research and the satisfaction of figuring it all out themselves. If you are not of those people, maybe you'll consider working with me on your next vacation. Click here to email me. You can also request a time to chat.  

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