Monday, February 26, 2018

Grand Canyon Railway Package Review

The Grand Canyon Railway offers a great way to see the Grand Canyon without the hassle of fighting the crowds or driving. 

You stay in Williams, Arizona and then take the train into Grand Canyon Village. You can choose to stay overnight in Grand Canyon Village or head back to Williams, Arizona the same day. 

The hotels in the packages are simple and clean. The included meals are buffets that include gluten free and vegetarian options. This time, we stayed one night in the canyon. Next time, we would stay two to be able to hike a little deeper into the canyon. One thing to be aware of is the elevation. We noticed it was hard to catch our breath at times. We also had to drink a lot more water than usual because of the dry climate. 

This video gives you a glimpse into what a weekend stay is like. When you are ready to book, email me or set up a time to chat

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