Monday, September 11, 2017

Traveling during Hurricane Season

Hurricane season runs June – November for both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. As this year has shown, August - October tend to be the most active. These months have lower pricing to entice travelers to visit Florida, the Caribbean or Mexico during this rainy season.

So what can you do if you want to travel during hurricane season to protect yourself?
Buy Travel Insurance – I always recommend travel insurance and I always buy it for myself. Travelers are currently stranded on Caribbean islands due to cancelled flights. Resorts are charging them for the extra nights. Travel insurance covers these types of expenses. Cancel for Any Reason insurance would give us the option to change your trip location if bad weather is predicated.

Be flexible  - These are not the months to book your “dream once in a lifetime” Caribbean vacation. We may be able to use waivers and change your destination for a land based trip or a cruise line may offer an alternative itinerary. If your trip would be RUINED if you aren’t able to go to a particular location or port, don’t plan it for September or October. 

Book airlines with lots of flight options – Many of the discount airlines like Frontier, Spirit and Allegiant offer one flight per day. This is a disaster during hurricane season. You want to book an airline that will give you options. For example, Trips with Angie clients are currently honeymooning at El Dorado Maroma. They were scheduled to be on a Delta flight home through Atlanta tomorrow. Once it looked like the storm was going to hit Atlanta, I switch their route to flights through JFK. I could only do this because Delta flies these routes several times a day.

Book with a travel agent – Hey! That’s me! Seriously, over the last week, I rescheduled flights and vacations. I continue to monitor upcoming trips for impact. All of this for no additional cost to the people who booked their trip with me as travel agent commission is built into the price of most vacation packages. You are already paying for my services – why not use them?

Please email me if you have any questions.

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