Monday, June 12, 2017

Take Your Vacation to the Next LEvel

A vacation in an investment of time and money. Below are some investments you can make to help take your vacation to the next level:

Your Transportation

·       Fly nonstop even if it means driving to a different airport. We frequently drive to Orlando to take a nonstop. The 90 minute drive is usually less than a layover.

·       Upgrade your seats on the plane. Many airlines now offer extended legroom seats for purchase. On Southwest, you can usually upgrade your boarding position by paying an extra fee at the gate. I used to view the flight as an annoyance. Now, I view it as the beginning of the vacation so I try to make it as comfortable as possible.

·       Upgrade to a private nonstop transfer to your resort. This is important for all-inclusive vacations.  A regular transfer could have multiple stops or you may have to wait until it fills up to leave. After spending 45 minutes waiting in a van, I decided I would always upgrade to the private transfer.

Your Resort

·       Ask: What upgrades are available? at check in. I believe it never hurts to ask, but it does hurt to expect. Don’t act entitled – Act inquisitive.

·       Pay close attention to what activities are included. Some resorts have amazing options included in the room rate.

·       Check out the amenities in the included fitness center or gym. Sometimes you can find a great jacuzzi or steam room.

·       Pay for a Day Pass to the Spa. We’ve found that many resorts have reasonable day pass prices to access the hydrotherapy areas of the Spa. You have to apply your own cucumbers, but I leave feeling totally relaxed for a fraction of the price.

Your Excursions

·       Some key phrases to look for when booking an excursions are “VIP, Skip the ine, or Private”. These signify special experiences. When we visited the Maya ruins Tulum and Coba in Riviera Maya, Mexico, we paid extra to have a private driver and tour guide because we didn’t want to be on a tour with 30 other people for 10 hours. We got the added benefit of visiting Tulum and Coba before the tour buses arrived and had both places practically to ourselves. Plus, we had a great lunch in Playa del Carmen and were back to the resort by 4:00 pm.

What tricks have you used to improve your resort vacation?

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