Monday, February 27, 2017

10 Things to know about Iberostar Grand Paraiso

10 things about Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso

1.       It's an adults-only all-inclusive resort that's part of a five resort complex south of the Cancun airport in Mexico. The other four resorts are family resorts.

2.       The entry-level suites here are very nice.   You can see the bathroom is large as well as the room has a lot of space.

3.       It’s a great option for groups with couples, friends, and families since it offers suites with two beds. I like that the resort offers rooms with two beds.

4.       The buffet is great. I am not a buffet person, but I was very impressed with the buffet at this Resort.

5.       Avoid the Latelier restaurant. The menu is really weird. I can see what they were going for in terms of avant-garde Cuisine. However, tuna tartare should not be served with strawberry soup.

6.       Take advantage of the other resorts. If you are looking for a little change of pace or a livelier pool experience all you have to do is head over to one of the other Resorts. The other benefit of choosing the Grand Hotel is you have option to eat at any of the ala carte restaurant in any of the five resorts.  

7.       Head over to the shopping complex. We were pleasantly surprised that it had restaurants. bars, and a nightclub included in the all inclusive. Our favorites were the tacos and gelato! Try the burger bar and the tequila bar. Plus you can find little shops where you could shop for souvenirs and the large spa.

8.       Lunch at the grill by the pool. We love that you could get virtually any protein you wanted grilled to your liking at the pool Grill. Now, the Grill Master was a little surly. The chefs stirring the giant vat of paella were super friendly.  

9.       The indoor pool. The resort has a gorgeous indoor pool with a retractable roof.  It’s huge and similar to the spa wet areas that other resorts require you to pay extra to access.  It’s an awesome place to retreat during the afternoon rain showers.

10.    Use the opportunity to try a lot of different drinks if you drink alcohol. This Resort had some very skilled bartenders in the lobby bar that made really interesting cocktails.

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