Sunday, December 25, 2016

Must See: Croatia

Croatia is at the top of my personal travel bucket list.


It has the perfect mix of culture, history, amazing food and the Mediterranean Sea.

You can choose a sailing itinerary along the beautiful coast or head inland to explore more of the history. Croatia hosts some of the best Christmas markets in Europe. 

If you are foodie, Croatia offers incredible truffle hunting in October.  Istria has just been crowned the one of the best olive growing regions in the world, with over 50 listed producers. A tour of the wine regions offers access to hard to find wines.

The nicest time to visit Croatia in terms of the weather and lack of crowds is April to
mid-June, or September and October.

If you are interested in exploring what a Croatian vacation could look like for your family and friends, please email me or set up a time to chat.

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