Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Spotlight on: Crystal Serenity

In November 2016, I had the chance to tour the Crystal Serenity.  I was very excited to see it since the readers of Condé Nast Traveler consistently vote Crystal Serenity the number one cruise ship in the world.

What sets Crystal apart from other cruise lines?  It’s all about all-inclusive luxury.

Your cruise includes:
Your cabin – No interior cabins. The entry level cabin has a large ocean view window.

Your meals – You can have your meals in Crystal Dining Room, Lido Café, Bistro, Trident Grill, or Tastes. The menu at Tastes changes depending on your itinerary. Click here for a sample menu.

Specialty Dining   - You will receive the opportunity to dine in a specialty restaurant included in your cruise. The number of reservations depends on the length of the sailing.   

Prego offers a changing menu of traditional favorites such as Scaloppine Di Vitello Servite Con Capelli D’angelo and Linguine Con Aragosta E Zucchini. Click here for a sample menu.
Silk Road and Sushi Bar

Silk Road and The Sushi Bar features the cuisine of world-renowned master chef Nobuyuki “Nobu— Matsuhisa.  Nobu blends classically styled Japanese foods with distinct Peruvian and European influences. While The Sushi Bar offers an assortment of Nobu’s inventive sushi and sashimi, Silk Road presents his celebrated dishes such as Lobster with Truffle-Yuzu Sauce, Grilled Wagyu Beef Rib-Eye with Wasabi Pepper Sauce, and his signature dessert, a Bento Box filled with Chocolate Soufflé Cake with Shiso Syrup and Sesame Ice Cream. Click here for a sample menu.

Your beverages – Crystal includes all your favorite premium brand beverages including alcohol

Entertainment – The cruise staff rotate through eight different shows plus special guest performers. Your day can be filled with trivia, karaoke, classes, and lectures. If that doesn't keep you busy enough, you have lots of movies to choose from in your cabin and 1 hour of WiFi per person per day.

Crystal wants to create a truly luxury experience through special touches throughout your journey: exceptional service by the pool including cold towels, a relaxed embarkation process on board, and unusual itineraries that create once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as the Northwest Passage.  

Don’t miss the Mozart Tea in Palm Court. The staff dress up in their Victorian finest for a memorable tea. The Jazz Sunday Brunch is also a special treat.
If you'd like to explore if a Crystal cruise is right for you, email me or click here to schedule a free 20 minute consultation.

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  1. The menus look really good. So nice they have a nice selection of wines including a dessert wine.