Thursday, October 6, 2016

How to Travel Together and Stay Friends: How to Save Money

How to Save Money

Once you've decided the type of vacation you like, you have options for how to book it.  


Most cruise line offers incentives for groups of 8 cabins or more. Some cruise lines will offer on board incentives such as additional on board credit for groups as small as 5 cabins. You can also lock in lower rates if you book your group cabins at least a year in advance.

All Inclusive Resorts

For all-inclusive resorts, you have the choice of a contracted group or a flexible group in most cases.

Contracted Group

Best for groups of at least 10 rooms where everyone is committed and knows what type of room category they want.

A contracted group requires a signed contract guaranteeing a certain number of rooms to get a guaranteed lower price. The upside is that you get a lower price since you are committing to book at least 10 rooms. The downside is that you need to know when you sign the contract which room categories you are booking and how many rooms you are going to need. You also have to sign a legal contract.

Flexible Group

Under the flexible group model, your group is linked together. You’ll likely receive a small promotional savings depending on the resort you choose. The upside is that you still get to be recognized as a group with some savings without having to sign a contract. The downside is the savings you find is less than if you contracted the group. It also means that some members of the group may pay more than others because you aren’t locking in a rate for a particular type of room.

Regular resorts

With regular resorts, you also have the option of securing a contract. The minimum number of rooms required for a contracted rate depends on the hotel.

Excursions and Transfers

You can also achieve savings by booking your excursions and transfers as a group. For instance, it may cost less to charter a catamaran for your group than pay individual snorkel tour pricing. Private transfers from the airport may cost less than booking a shared shuttle at a per person rate.

Benefit of Using a Travel Agent: I work with the cruise line or resort to negotiate your group rates and benefits. I work directly with your group members to answer any questions, coordinate group activities, and arrange all your transfers. I work with the resort or cruise line to set up any special activities or events for your group. 

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