Tuesday, September 27, 2016

How to Travel Together and Stay Friends: The Six Factors to consider

've found the following six factors are critical when deciding if a vacation option is right for your group:

Length of Trip – Are all your guests committed to the same length of vacation or will you need flexibility so some guests can stay for a shorter length of time?

Variety of Activities – Do all your guests share the same interests and want to participate in the same activities? 

Variety of Budgets – Can everyone commit to the same price point or is it important to have customization options to accommodate different budgets?

Level of Decision-Making on the Trip – Are you a group that easily makes decisions together on the fly or will you need a structured agenda in advance?

Adults Only versus Family Friendly – Is it important to have adults-only spaces? Are families joining your trip that require supervised kids’ activities or accommodations?

Passports Required – Does everyone have a passport?

Based on your answers to these questions, we can evaluate if a cruise, all-inclusive resort, group tour, regular hotel or house rental is the best option.

Benefit of Using a Travel Agent: I recommend the best options based on the needs of your group. We can brainstorm ideas of what might work including the pros and cons of each option and how we can customize your vacation to overcome the cons.

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