Thursday, September 8, 2016

How to Find Your Transfer at the Cancun Airport

You are going to Cancun! YAY!

Be sure a black ink pen, your passport and hotel information are in your carry on.

On the plane, you will be given two forms:

1. An Immigration Form. Each person will need to fill this out.

Be sure to:
  • Put the date in the right format: DAY then Month then Year.
  • Complete the bottom tear off portion of the form. You will need to put this in a safe place because you will need it to leave the country. I place mine inside my passport and then place my passport in the hotel safe.

2. A Customs Form. This form is one per family.  A Family is related parties who share an address.

When they ask how many pieces of luggage, they are including your carry-ons.

When you get off the plane, you will be directed to the Immigration area.  The agent will hand you back the tear off portion of the immigration form.

You will claim any checked baggage.

With all your luggage you will proceed to the Customs line. The Customs agent will review your form, then ask you to press a button. If you get a Green light, you are cleared and can leave the area.  If you get a Red light, you have been randomly selected for additional screening. You will be directed off to the side for an additional search.

After you've cleared customs, you will head toward the exit. As this video shows, the most important thing to remember to find your transfer is to GET OUTSIDE.  Time Share salespeople will try to lure over to their desk. Just keep going.

Have a great trip!


  1. Great tip about just walking past the timeshare posse@@

  2. Great tip about just walking past the timeshare posse@@