Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Generations Riviera Maya Resort Tour

I just returned from a 4 night stay at Generations Riviera Maya about 35 south of the Cancun, Mexico airport. Join me on my extensive 30 minute tour of the resort.

Check out this full resort tour:

A few things stood out to me about this resort: 

  • The Swim Up Suites are fantastic. If you are on the ground floor, you swim out right into the main pool. If you are on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th floor, you have access to an infinity that stretches the length of the balcony.
  • It's great for large family groups or groups of friends. It offers a three bedroom suite options that is a one bedroom suite connected to a room with 2 double beds next to a room with a king bed. All three rooms have a sleeper sofa that could fit three children under 12. It's rate at an all-inclusive resort to get rooms that guaranteed to be together.
  • It's a great options for friends who don't all have kids. The resort is next to two adults only resorts. The Kids' Club is open until 11 pm so the adults can enjoy the restaurants and bars over there. This provides a great compromise for parents who want to bring their kids, but also want some grown up time.
  • The food is gourmet. They do have kids' options, but this resort's focus is on gourmet food. The plates are small. You can always order more, but you won't find a large steak anywhere on the property.
  • It's loud and quiet. Because the resort is to compact you can hear a lot of what happens at the pool in your room - especially in buildings 18 and 19. You can also hear the evening show since it takes place right by the pool. The good news is that things tend to wind down by 10 or 11 pm so it's very quiet at the resort after the evening show.
  • The beach is a little rocky and narrow. There are large concrete blocks in the water to break the surf. These will eventually sink to become an artificial reef. I really like the sound of the waves crashing from my room.
If you think this may be a good fit for your family, email me. 

Currently, there's a promotion for a free Dolphin Experience. Plus you'll get a free private transfer if you book with me by August 31st.  

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