Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Top Ten Ways to Choose a Caribbean All Inclusive Resort

1.  Where do you want to go? – Are nonstop flights important? Do you want to explore jungles? Go zip-lining? See whales? Snorkel or scuba dive? See ruins? Mexico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic have the largest assortment of all-inclusive resorts.  

2. Time of Year – When are you traveling? The rainy seasons change slightly depending on the islands. I also check to make sure all your “must do” activities are available. For instance, Jamaica severely limits water sports around Easter. 

3.  Kids? – Are you traveling with kids? Does the resort have rooms with separate accommodations? What is the kids’ programming? Are you trying to avoid kids? Some resorts are adults only.

4.  The Distance from the Airport – Depending how long your trip is, you may want a resort within 30 minutes of the airport. If you are staying for 7 nights, you may not mind an hour’s drive.

5.  The Beach  - Is a beach important? Do you want to swim or just relax with a great view? Some beaches are unsafe to swim because of currents. Other beaches are very rocky so you'll need water shoes.

6.  Dining - How many restaurants are available? Are they buffet or a la carte/ sit down restaurants? Do you need reservations?  

7.  Drinks - What type of alcohol is included? Some resorts only include domestic beer and spirits. Other resorts include wine, imports, and higher-end brand name spirits. What's your favorite drink? We want to make sure the resort offers it.  Some resorts also provide a mini-bar in the room. Is that something you'd like?

8.  Activities - Some resorts include scuba diving and snorkeling trips. Others have that as an extra charge.  Some resorts shut down in the evenings while other resorts have night clubs and piano bars. 

9. Room Location- Many resorts offer categories of rooms by the view: garden view, pool view, ocean view or ocean front.  It’s also important to check the room location. Are you okay overlooking the stage that hosts a 9 pm nightly show?  Is it important to be near dining, the beach or the pool? 

10. WiFi – Not all resorts have wifi. Other resorts charge for wifi or only have it available in the lobby. 

Does this seem a little overwhelming? That’s why I’m here to help. I can easily and quickly walk you through all these options. Just email me at

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