Friday, September 12, 2014

Spotlight on: Over water Bungalows

French Polynesia has a lot of options when it comes to the coveted over water bungalows, but not all over water bungalows are exactly the same. 
For instance, some bungalows are on a 3 foot lagoon made specifically to house bungalows. Others are in deeper ocean water where you can jump in, snorkel or kayak from your own dock. 

Here’s a peak at some great over water bungalow options: 
1. Le Meridian Tahiti – This property has some of the largest water windows in the bungalows as you can see from the picture. It’s also has the advantage of being in Papeete- close to the airport. Because of the flight schedules, most visitors have to overnight in Papeete either on their arrival into Tahiti or upon their departure.  It’s also a great fit for a couple where one partner wants the seclusion and luxury of the over water bungalow, but the other partner wants access to other excursions on the Tahiti mainland. 

Le Meridian Tahiti 

2. Le Meridian Bora Bora – The bungalows here are situated on a lagoon. The hotel houses a turtle rehabilitation program where you can schedule a time to swim with the turtles.  All non-motorized sports are included. Breakfast is included.  
Le Meridian Bora Bora 

Le Meridian Bora Bora 

3. LE TAHA’A Island Resort and Spa  - This resort provides a different, more authentic experience than some of the other luxury resorts.  You get to the resort, you take a 35 minute flight from Tahiti then 35 minute boat ride.  The resort is not on the island of Taha’a, but 85% of the staff are from there. The over water suites are 970 square feet with a large wrap around deck and access to a 4-6 foot deep lagoon. The resort has three restaurants and breakfast is included. Vanilla is an incredible restaurant suspended among the trees.  An underwater coral garden near the resort offers great snorkeling. 

Le Taha'a Resort 

Le Taha'a Resort 

4. Hotel Kia Ora Resort and Spa – This beautiful resort in Rangiora, French Polynesia has some great bungalow options: a beach front bungalow, a completely private bungalow with private plunge pool, and an over water bungalow.  

Hotel Kia Ora beach front bungalow 

Hotel Kia Ora Private One Bedroom Villa with Plunge Pool  
Hotel Kia Ora Over Water Bungalow 

All photos are courtesy of the resorts. 

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