Monday, July 1, 2013

Trips with Angie Traveler Review: Universal Studios versus Magic Kingdom

Debbie just returned from a trip to Orlando. She stayed at International Palms Resort and Conference Center. She and her nephew visited both the Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios. Here's her review: 

"We had a very nice time. I went on line and up graded the seats for extra leg room. We got excellent seats together. Universal was awesome! Island of Adventure was good too.  

I didn't really like Disney too much.  We went to the Magic Kingdom and hoped to ride SpaceMountain, but the wait was 2 hours. Fast pass wanted us to come back 5 hours later.  Tomorrowland was more yesterdayland. No characters around to take photos with. Hall of Presidents was nice. Just too hot that day and the ride lines were too long. Rides and attractions were not as nice as Universal's. 

I have found people don't like hearing the negatives about Disney, they think I am crazy. But when compared to Universal there is just one winner, Universal. Their bathrooms are cleaner and more readily available and they have play area spots for families with small kids and areas for smokers.  Disney had none of there and their trash cans were full and Universals were not. Universal also has something for everyone not just Mickey. Their speed pass is a real speed pass. You walk right into the ride. Disney sends you back to the ride 3-4 hours later. Who wants to come back from the other end of the park? Universal also had a speed pass after 4 pm for half price. Most people are leaving in the pm so you get on rides so much sooner. And their night show was AWESOME! Fireworks, movie clips, laser show, and colored water show all at once. Very cool. 

TIP: Buy the special cup when you arrive. Water is free for refills. It pays for itself in the end.  

Food choices are endless and interesting. I would go back to Universal again. I could go on, but that's all for now. Skip Disney and stick with Universal and Islands of Adventure.

I should have taken you up in the prearranged ride from airport to hotel. Taxi was $54 one way. I managed to book the town and country van back to hotel for only $36. So thank you for the park passes and all you arranged. I really appreciated it. It made our trip easier. If I travel again, I will call on you. Thank you." 

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