Saturday, June 22, 2013

Traveler Review: Sandals Grande Antigua Resort and Spa Honeymoon

When a Trips with Angie traveler returns home from vacation, I ask them to let me know all about their trip.  Then I ask them permission to share their thoughts with you. 

Katie M. just returned from her honeymoon at Sandals Grande Antigua Resort and Spa

"It was an absolute blast!  We were so happy we chose there.  We are huge food people so the amount of restaurants they had was awesome.  I believe they have more than most of the other resorts on other islands.  Since we are such huge food people though, the food was a bit disappointing.  Very, very salty!  We got bored with it after a while.  Each place has the same thing for breakfast so you are essentially eating the same thing every day.  However, they have tons of options at the breakfast buffets so if you aren't a picky person it is great.  There are many places for lunch either.  The biggest disappointment for us was the fact that we weren't eating any island/Caribbean food.  We were looking forward to good seafood and really fresh fruit.  Instead it was Italian, Southwest, Teppanyaki etc.  There is a really good sushi place though that we visited often.  Like I said though, we are huge food people so we are probably more critical than most are.  We ended up leaving the resort a few times to eat at a place down the beach.  We also went to a great lunch place in St. John's called Hemingway’s and an amazing seafood place in Fort James called Russell’s.  

The beach isn't private, so one thing I would let people know is that there are peddlers galore!  Every 3 minutes you get hassled so we went one day and then hung at the pool most of the others.  The zip lining was a lot of fun.  They don't have an actual rainforest but there are 12 different lines so you got a good feel of how it would be.  We didn't go any ocean things, but I'm a chicken and can't do the ocean!  

Overall it was perfect.  Everything we hoped it would be and more.  We did learn we are not all inclusive resort people though!  Thanks for all of your help, you made it so easy and we will definitely be using you again!" 
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  1. What a great review!! Will put this on my travel destination list!!!