Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Quebec City Excursion Review: Five Course Gourmet Food and Historical Tour


Quebec City offers to much to do. This trip, we booked a 5 Course Gourmet Food and Historical Tour. Here are the highlights:


This is an independent excursion so we walked from the port to meeting point. It was a quick 10 minute walk from our docking location – pier 22. Be sure you know where you are docking because it would be a 45 minute walk from other piers.

Our group had 9 people. The max was 12. Our guide was wonderful. She grew up in Quebec City and had so much knowledge to share. We started with two stops in the Lower Town:

  • Va Bene is an Italian restaurant. We had a wonderful panzanella salad with a mozzarella foam.  
  • Archibald is a brewery and pub where we had the French Onion Soup. The French onion soup was great. The soup had a wonderful onion flavor that was lighter than many I’ve tried.

We headed up the Funicular to explore the Upper Town.

  • La Continental is one of the oldest restaurants in Quebec City. It’s known for tableside cooking. We had shrimp flambee prepared in front of us.
  • Last stop was the Monastère des Augustines – a monastery converted into a hotel and restaurant. We had wild boar ribs and dessert.

This was definitely a full and filling five course meal. I loved the mix of history and food. The focus was on trying a mix of restaurants – not necessarily trying cuisine unique to Quebec City.

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