Friday, April 14, 2023

Japan Series: The United Polaris Business Class flight review and tips for long flights

 For our flight to Japan, we booked a United Polaris Business Class ticket from Tampa, Florida through Chicago O'Hare airport to Haneda airport near Tokyo, Japan. Polaris is United's newest version of International Business Class. 

Here's a review of my experience: 

The O'Hare Polaris Lounge is a great reprieve in the airport. It offers a small buffet, bar, showers, and a sit down restaurant. I recommend leaving at least an hour to eat in the sit down restaurant as there can be a wait. Overall, I think it's a great lounge and a nice perk for flying Polaris. 

It was so nice to arrive in Japan slightly refreshed and not in a total Zombie haze from being awake all night.  

A few other things I find helpful for long international flights: 

- Eat a healthy dinner and hydrate well the day before. 

- Avoid carbonated beverages in the air. They make me feel so bloated. 

- Wear compression socks. You can find lots of options if you search for travel compression socks or running recovery compression socks. These help keep your feet from swelling. 

- If you have dry or sensitive skin, you'll want to be sure your moisturizer is with you on the plane. 

- Make sure the book you downloaded to read on the plane is one you haven't read. (I do this EVERY TIME). 

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