Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Things to Do in Cape Cod : Provincetown


After our time in Vermont and Boston, we headed to Provincetown on Cape Cad. The only thing I knew about Cape Cod was from the movie Splash so I was excited to check it out. The easiest way to get there from Boston is the fast ferry. 

Click here for a map of the places we visited. 

Day 1 - Fast Ferry and Great Eats 

We took a Lyft to the docks to board the Fast Ferry to Provincetown. Put in the address for the restaurant TAMO. It makes it much easier to access the ferry docks.  Boarding starts about 1/2 hour before departure.  It was great. Smooth ride. We saw the fin whale again and a humpback breeching. 

We stayed at Queen Vic Guest House. I chose it for the location.  I liked that it was on Commercial Street, but not right in the heart of all the action. It's adults only. I was very happy with the room. The bed was so comfy with the softest sheets. 

We started our exploration by walking up Commercial Street. We stopped at 1620 Brewhouse and the Canteen. My favorite bar was Harbor Lounge. A very small, simple lounge with good cocktails. We had a great dinner at Mezzatarean. Reminded us a lot of Turkey. The octopus was fantastic. We walked back and did a little people watching on a bench in front of the library.


Day 2 - Sand Dunes and More Great Eats 

Queen Vic includes breakfast. You choose from the hot breakfast of the day or a continental breakfast and it's delivered to your room. We had our breakfast in bed from the B&B and then walked down to the Joe Coffee   for some cold brew coffee.  

I was intrigued by the sand dunes tours. We walked to the Art's Dune Tours office and were able to get right on the 11 am tour.  It was a very informative tour.  Up to six people pile into a large SUV. Some people do need to sit in the third row. My husband and I were with another group of three. Thankfully, my husband agreed to crawl into the back even though he was the tallest. The other three people we were paired with definitely weren't going to do it. 

After the tour, we walked up the street to Provincetown Brewing Co. for some nachos and beers. Then our self-guided food tour continued to the Lobster Pot. Glenn got steamed clams and I got a hot lobster roll. Both were very good. I really l think warm with butter is the best lobster roll option. We headed back to the Queen Vic to enjoy the backyard. We went to Red Inn for happy hour. They have a great view of the waterfront. It was busy as people enjoyed a cocktail waiting for their dining reservations. We had dinner at Local 186 - a hot dog and a burger. We enjoyed sitting in front of the Queen Vic and headed to bed early.


Day 3 - More Good Food 

The morning we had our breakfast in bed.  We checked out of the Queen Vic around 10:30 am. We visited the Portuguese bakery. All the baked goods looked delicious. I really enjoyed the trutas. It's a pastry made with sweet potato with a cinnamon flavor.  The fishermen who started the village were Portuguese. Lunch was a lovely waterfront table at Ross Grill. We had great oysters. I had a French dip and Glenn had a oyster po'boy. Both were very good.  We headed to the dock and waited for the ferry. We took the 3 pm fast ferry. No whales this time. Taxis were waiting at the dock so we followed a guy to his taxi around 4:50 pm We were in the lounge waiting for our flight by 5:30 pm. Yay for Sky Priority status and pre-check.

We definitely ate our way through Provincetown. I'd definitely come back. We missed one of the best features of Provincetown: all the entertainment. Next time, we'd get tickets to drag show. I also heard great things about the whale watches from here. If you do enjoy the beach, please be cautious. This area does have sharks. 

Have you been to Cape Cod? What's your favorite town? What's your list of must dos in Provincetown? 

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