Thursday, February 10, 2022

Seabourn Odyssey Review


Some of the things I loved about the Seabourn Experience: 
  • Large suites - Seabourn is known for their large Veranda suites. We had one of the smallest veranda cabins. It had a sitting area, table and chairs, queen bed, and a spacious bathroom. You can get a peek in the video below.
  • Yacht Feel - The ship only holds 450 guests. The design and small size made this cruise feel like a yacht experience. I was basically on Below Deck.  
  • Dining - We had one bad meal. Everything else was delicious. We loved the dinners at the Patio. I had the best cauliflower dish I've ever had. We had incredible scallops, grilled lobster, and gourmet bites.
  • Caviar in the Surf  - Seabourn takes over the Carambola Beach Club on St Kitts. They place a paddleboard in the water. The Executive Chef and Maitre'D serve caviar in the ocean. Martin, the bar manager, swam around refilling champagne glasses. It was incredible. Be sure to watch to the end of the video to get a peek.
  • Entertainment - I was very impressed by the entertainment on board for such a small ship. We had guest performers, deck parties, a production cast, a sing-a-long piano player, a band, and a trio. Each night, you had two or three options for enjoining live music.

Take a peek:

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