Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Celebrity Edge Ship Tour

The Celebrity Edge is Celebrity's newest ship. I sailed her in January 2019.

Some of the biggest innovations that I really liked:

  • The Infinite Edge Veranda stateroom - Instead of a traditional balcony, you have a huge window that the top half opens. It makes the room feel so much better. They did a terrific job making the most of the space in the bathroom. Take a look:

  • Destination Gateway - The Edge has a new spacious area for getting on and off the ship in port.
  • Four included restaurants - Instead of two main dining rooms, the ship has four restaurants: Italian, French, Mediterranean, and Contemporary. The menus are the same except for three appetizers and three entrees that fit the theme of the restaurant. The food was delicious.
  • Eden - This controversial new area is a quiet lounge by day and avante garde interactive performance space by night. A lot of cruisers think it's "too weird", but I like the surprise and seeing something I've never seen before.
Take a look for yourself on my ship tour.
Warning: This is a 23 minute video so be sure to grab a snack and hydrate to make it through.

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