Thursday, May 3, 2018

Hurtigruten MS Fram Review 2018

n April 2018, I sailed on the Hurtigruten MS Fram through Canada and New England learning all about expedition cruising. A huge thank you to Hurtigruten for hosting me.

So.. what's different about expedition cruising? That's easy: Everything! I don't think they should call it cruising. They should call it expeditions by sea. Cruises make people think of huge ships. This is a true adventure experience.

The focus of these expeditions is getting you into nature as much as possible. The classic itineraries are Antarctica and the Arctic. Your days are spent taking small zodiac boats to land on the ice and snow and explore. Or you can pay a little extra to take out kayaks or an ice safari. It's incredible.

I knew the cruise would be different when we met the TEN members of the expedition team. That's basically 1 expedition team member for every 20 - 30 passengers. They each have their own expertise: biology, birds, history, or leading novices safely through the great oceans of the world. 

The ship makes a very comfortable base camp. Below is a full ship tour. It's about 20 minutes long because I show you everything. videos,

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