Monday, March 27, 2017

Client Review: Regal Princess Caribbean Cruise

I love getting emails from happy clients!

Here Lizzy comments on her Regal Princess Caribbean Cruise:

"Hi Angie,
The cruise was absolutely AMAZING!!! It was the most luxurious and relaxing trip I could have ever hoped for :) As you had anticipated, it was definitely a much older crowd (majority of passengers were 50-80), but we were there to relax more than socialize, however, we did meet a lot of wonderful people our parents' age! We also were inspired by the amount of elderly passengers as they didn't let their age phase them from continuing to travel or having a great time!  Aside from how relaxing the cruise was, we loved that every day was something different vs. falling into the same routine like you usually do at an all inclusive/resort. Some of my favorite things were the below:
**Pool- the entire pool area was much larger than I had thought it would be for a cruise. It never felt overcrowded or cramped! We stayed around the main pool everyday, however, it was nice they had quite a few pool options.
**Live music - The band on board was awesome! they would play for a few hours at the pool everyday and then in the piazza every night. they played a wide variety that everyone could relate to.
**Afternoon movie at the pool  - This was great! we would grab a drink and sit in the pool and watch a movie on the big screen!
**SPA  - Most luxurious spa I have ever been to. They had a great promo that was book 3 services and get 10%, 20% & 30% off. They took the highest percentage off your most expensive service.
**Crown Grille Steakhouse- This was a $29 surcharge per person, but well worth it as the quality was excellent and it was nice to do something different than the anytime dining.
**Fiera!  - This play was amazing. The performers were wonderful and the set was unbelievable. Although it was short, it was one of my favorite plays I have ever seen due to the music, set and awesome costumes!

**Amber Cove- least favorite as it was very artificial and it just doesn't compare to St. Thomas/St. Maarten, however, we still had a great time. We went to the Sky Bar at the very top, which had great views
**St. Thomas- Loved!!! Took the gondola to the top of St. Thomas where they had the most gorgeous views and a great restaurant. Then took a taxi to Coki Beach, which was a blast! Small, but lots of action and the water is beautiful.
**St. Maarten- Front Street shopping was wonderful. Lots of hecklers, but the cute shops make it all worth it. Also went to the Airport Beach and ate at the Sunset Café, which was a fun lively atmosphere. Overall, a very fun experience, but pretty far from the port. About a 30 min cab ride.

Those are the highlights, but thank you again for all of your help. This trip was exactly what we needed!!!!


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