Sunday, November 27, 2016

Must See Kaua'i

Kaua’I is nicknamed the “Garden Isle” because it’s the most lush, naturally beautiful of the Hawai’i islands. Kaua’i is the oldest island. It was formed from hot lava that cooled as it hit the ocean water and piled up over 20,000 feet from the bottom of the ocean.

Kaua’i’s Top 5 Must Sees are:
Napali Coast - Photo courtesy of Go Hawaii
1.     Napali Coast – This 13 mile coast line on the northwestern shore is accessible by foot, boat or helicopter. Hiking the coast is dangerous, difficult and requires a permit. Many visitors enjoy a sunset cruise along the coast. If a helicopter ride is on your bucket list, this is the most satisfying area to explore via helicopter.

Waimea Canyon - Photo courtesy of Go Hawaii
2.     Waimea Canyon – Often called the Grand Canyon of Hawaii – this is a breath taking spot to take in the views or enjoy various levels of hikes.

Wailua River - Photo courtesy of Go Hawaii

3.     Wailua River is the only navigable river in Hawai’i. This makes it a great choice for independent exploration via kayaks or paddle boards.  

Kalalua Look Out, Kokee State Park  Photo Courtesy of Go Hawaii

4.     Kokee State Park is a good starting point for short hikes if you want more independent excursions. 80% of the island is inaccessible by car so plan to spend some time hiking, biking, boating or enjoying a helicopter ride.

Mountain Tubing Photo Courtesy of Go Hawaii

5.     Mountain Tubing is a unique, off the beaten path activity. Extensive canals were built to supply water to the sugar cane fields. Some of the canals go straight through mountains. Tour operators now offer the chance to ride the canals in inner tubes.

One note on Kaua’i – There is virtually no nightlife so if hanging out past 9:00 pm is important to you, we can add on some time in Waikiki.

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