Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Travel Tuesday: Perfect is the Enemy of Good

First, I want to make sure you heard about my free Disney World Vacation Planning Webinar this Thursday September 15, 2016 at 8:00 pm Eastern.

I will cover:

- How to choose the best time to go
- How to pick the best resort for your family
- Which Park Pass is right for you
- Do you really need a dining plan?

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This week's Travel Tuesday was about:

,My observation from working with families planning travel is that the pressure to have a "perfect" vacation can be so overwhelming. It's critical to remember that your vacations are supposed to be fun!

In the video, I go through an example from my personal travel. My husband and I took a 48 hour trip to Buffalo / Niagara Falls / Toronto so we could cross the Toronto ball park off our list and I could visit Niagara Falls. You could easily spend 10 days or longer in that area. We could only fit 48 hours in our schedule, but we still went.

Was the trip the perfect trip to that area? No way. If we had waited until we could plan a perfect trip, we wouldn't have gone We had a wonderful weekend and it was worth going.

So the lesson of today is - Don't let the pressure of perfection hold you back from planning a trip.

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