Friday, February 5, 2016

What's the best age for Disney World?

I’ve personally been to the Parks with kids from 18 months and up.  I don’t think there’s a “too young” age, but some parents had a different take. 

One parent said being potty trained was required before they took the kids to Disney World. The consensus seemed to be that 5 years old was a great age - the child has enough stamina to enjoy a full day at the Park and things are still magical. Every child is different so here’s  a few considerations as you make the decision for your family: 

- For infants, you’ll have to think through their routine. Heating up a bottle may be challenge inside the Parks.   Pre-ordering diapers, wipes and food from a grocery delivery service or even Amazon is a great way to save on having to transport everything to Florida yourself.  You are allowed to bring food in the Parks. Each Parks has lockers near the entrance where you can store small coolers. 

- Children under 3 years of age do not need a ticket. Children over 10 years are considered adults for ticket pricing purposes. I help many clients plan trips just before those big birthdays to maximize the cost savings. 

- Height may matter more than age. Some of the rides have height restrictions. It’s a good idea to take a peek at the rides your children would really want to ride to make sure they are tall enough to ride them. This goes for the Water Parks as well. 

- What do your kids like?  A big part of the “magic” is when the child recognizes a character they love from books, movies, or TV shows.  

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When it comes to Disney World - one thing many people struggle to decide is what age is best for a Disney World visit....
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