Thursday, October 22, 2015

Daily Update: Cruise to Cuba, Michelin Star Tours, Universal Studios Concert Schedule and How to Choose an All-Inclusive Resort

Latest Updates: 

Fathom Travel will send cruises into Cuba on educational, environmental or economical missions. On board, cruisers will have language, history and culture classes. On shore, you'll help teach English at a school, work in a chocolate factory or build clay water filtration systems.  Cruises launch in May 2016. Only

On the other end of the spectrum, Insight Vacations has announced a new group of luxury tours that included Michelin Star Dining and Exclusive VIP Experiences. For instance, their French itinerary includes dinner at the famous Le Dauphin and a meet and greet with the choreographer at one of best cabarets. 

 For you Florida amusement park lovers: Universal Studios has announced King Kong's Skull Island will be ready in Summer 2016. A little sooner, Universal Studios will be hosting 25th anniversary concerts in November: 

November 14th - Jason Derulo 

November 21st - Colbie Caillat 

November 22nd - Flo Rida 

November 27th - Carly Rae Jepsen 

November 28th - Daughtry  

 What to Consider When Choosing an All-Inclusive Resort

As part of this week's series on choosing an all-inclusive resort:

 Consideration #2 when choosing an all-inclusive resort: Time of Year – When are you traveling? 

Weather - The rainy seasons change slightly depending on the islands. In general, hurricane season runs June through November with the heaviest rains in August and September. Other times it can be blazing  hot. If you are sensitive to heat and sun, it's important to check that the resort has shade options 

Religious holiday or festivals - Check to make sure all your “must do” activities are available. For instance, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic severely limit water sports around Easter. 

Lobster - If you love Caribbean lobster, be sure to check when it's in season or you'll be disappointed when it's not on the menu. Lobster season is closed April 1st - June 30th in Jamaica each year.

I want to hear from you - How big of a factor is weather when you decide when to travel? Are you willing to tolerate some rain to better accommodate your schedule?


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