Friday, December 5, 2014

Holiday Travel

Flying  during the holidays can be very stressful. 

Here's some ways to prepare to help alleviate that stress: 

1. Plan for bad weather delays.   I avoid the last flight of the day and prefer the first flight in the morning. I also check to see what other flights may be available or other routes I could take. 

2. Leave extra time. During the holidays, a lot of people who don't normally travel are traveling.  This means check points at airports get congested. Even if it's never crowded - get there early. 

3. Think about your presents and the presents you may get. If you are giving or getting some liquids over three ounces - you'll need to check your bag. Depending on the value of the item, paying for a checked bag may cost more than the item is worth. Consider shipping your presents or having your items shipped back to you. 

4. Be Kind. It will go a long way. 

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