Monday, August 19, 2013

8.19.13 Group Travel: Considerations when renting a house

Every so often I am contacted by a potential client about renting a house for a group vacation.  While I don't facilitate property rentals, I do have some recommendations on what to consider to determine if renting a house is right for your group.

Where will you sleep?
Bed sizes and number - Many house rentals indicate how many people the home will sleep. This number can include sleeper sofas and air mattresses so it is important to find out the bed sizes, the number of beds and if sofas or air mattresses are included in the count.  f you are traveling with a group of 5 couples, rooms with bunk beds may not be the best option.

Bathrooms - The other consideration is the number and location of the bathrooms. Are people in your group okay with sharing bathrooms? Are they okay with having to walk down the hall to access the bathroom? Do you need a bathtub?  I recently rented a house in Cozumel, Mexico for my husband and I and 8 of our friends. The reason we chose the house we did was because each bedroom had an attached full bathroom.

What will you eat?
Dining together is a big part of a vacation. Are you planning to grocery shop and cook all your meals together? If so, how will the costs of that be divided?  Who will be responsible for cooking? Will you take turns?  Some properties offer a cook service or you can find a local catering chef that could prepare your meals.

What will you do?
It is very important to map the actual address of the home to determine if the house is located near your desired activities. Just because the listing says "lake house" - it does not mean that you can see or access the lake from the property. Will you need a rental car to get around? Are there any amenities available in the community? For instance, some houses may include access to a swimming pool or fitness center. If so, how do you access those?

These are just some things to consider. What about you? Have you rented a house before? What tips would you include?

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