Monday, April 1, 2013

2014 Valpo Gamma Trip

Hello Gammas! 

I am so excited to announce our 2014 Valpo Gamma Reunion trip!  

When:  Thursday June 19, 2014 – Sunday June 22, 2014 
Where: Ocean Coral & Turquesa by H10 Hotels - All Inclusive Resort in Cancun Mexico 
Who: YOU!* 

* Based on the survey results, most people preferred it be just Gammas, but didn’t mind if you brought someone else. Just let that person know it is going to be a weekend of stories, laughing, inside jokes and possibly singing.  

Details on booking – You can always call me at 773-454-1083 or email me at to book or with any questions. 

The video below details how to book on the website created just for this trip. Click HERE to access the website. 

If you can’t access the video, here are the highlights: 

1. Find a roommate.  If you are flying from different cities, you need to contact me to book. If you are flying from the same city, you can contact me or book on the website. 

2. Decide which dates you are coming: Most people will likely come Thursday – Sunday, but feel free to book a full week or extra days. I am coming in Wednesday night. 

3. Pick your flights. 

4. Pick you hotel room category. 

5. Decide on trip insurance. I always purchase trip insurance – especially for trips so far in the future. It is $80 per person and you can cancel for any reason. 

6. Place your deposit. It is a $100 deposit for the room plus any trip insurance you choose.  The remaining balance is due May 4th. 

7. Do a little dance of excitement! 

8. Email me at or post on this page to let me know you are IN! 

See you in Mexico! 

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