Monday, September 10, 2012

An App for That: Travel Apps

A smart phone can be a huge help when travelling.

Here's some tips for making the most of your smart phone or tablet during travel:

Travel guides: Downloading travel guides is a great way to have all the information you need at your fingertips. Check with your library to see what they have available or keep an eye out for specials at Amazon.

TripIt: TripIt can take all your email confirmations and turn it into a comprehensive itinerary.

Google Maps: I love google maps. These maps have guided us in China, Turkey, Australia and the USA.

Seat Guru: This app is a blessing for transatlantic flights. For instance, it alerted us to the fact that the emergency exit seats had increased leg room, but smaller seats because the tray table and seat controls protruded into your side.

Yelp:  Yelp offers a way to search by your location so you can quickly find brunch or Mexican restaurant near your location. Yes, I do seem to be always looking for brunch or a Mexican restaurant.

Trip Advisor: Trip Advisor offers traveller reviews for hotels, but it also offers lists of Things to Do in key locations.

What about you? What travel apps do you often use?

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