Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cruise Packing Tips

Consider packing socks and underwear in gallon size ziploc bags. It'll be easy to tell which are clear and which are dirty. Don't forget a Renuzit for the bathroom, a koozie for your Bud Light and some Mardi Gras beads to be the life of the party.  

Don't like paying $4 for water at the airport? Bring your own empty water bottle and a powdered drink packet. Fill up at the H2O fountain. You'll be sippin' sweet tea for pennies. Plus the water cups on the cruise are tiny.

Always be sure what time the ship is leaving and if local time is different than ship time.

If you know you'll be bringing back liquids - bring wine skins with you. They are cheaper in bulk and offer great protection.

On your luggage tag - put your cell phone - not your address. Inside put a sheet of paper with dates on where you'll be.

Take a copy of your passport and keep it opposite your passport. Left your passport in your room or cruise cabin safe? Carry the copy with you.  Carrying your passport in your purse? Keep the copy in your pocket.

If you are trying to carry on - check out my packing list for carrying on.

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