Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Carry On for every occasion: A Packing List

This January we went on a combined trip to China and Napa Valley. I took a 28 inch roller bag AND a 21 inch carry-on.

It was a nightmare. Repacking in each city and worrying about weight limits pushed me over the edge. I vowed I would change my overpacking ways.
This month, we are going on a 14 day trip to Australia. This time I am only taking the 21 inch carry on.
Here’s my packing list:

2 pairs of quick dry cargo pants
1 pair of leggings
3 dresses 
1 pair of shorts
1 pair of tights
3 quick dry shirts
2 pair of quick dry underwear
2 pairs of quick dry socks
2 quick dry bras
1 swimsuit
1 pair of Teva sandals
1 pair of flip flops
1 pair of dress sandals
1 pair of pajamas
2 lightweight sweaters
1 pullover fleece
1 umbrella
Shawl to double as a scarf or blanket

For the Plane
Camera and charger
iPad loaded with a season of a tv show
2 regular books
4 magazines
Playing cards
Inflatable pillow
Hand sanitizer

Toiletries (Everything less than 3 oz)
2 shampoo and conditioner
1 face wash
1 moisturizer
2 lip gloss/lipstick
1 lotion
Small bar of soap
Nail file
2 toothpaste
Alka seltzer cold and sinus & regular
Imodium A/D
Advil and Tylenol
Band aids

Trip Research
Printed itinerary with potential things to do
Copy of passports
Magazine articles that I clipped
Travel books
I'll check back in here and let you know how it went! I am very excited.

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