Sunday, March 18, 2012

In case you missed it...

Here's my tips from Facebook and Twitter last week:

Disney Tip - They let you bring in snacks. Always have a refillable water bottle, granola bars/trail mix and something sweet. Those lines get long.

Cruise Tip - Talk to other passengers and the crew for best tips for your next port. The crew will know cheap Internet cafes and restaurants. Other passengers can give good advice.

International travel tip: Brushing your teeth will make you feel human again. I promise.

Hotel tip: Always google map your hotel BEFORE booking. A hotel near the airport may cost you more in travel costs to downtown than you think.

Don't like paying $4 for water at the airport? Bring your own empty water bottle and a powdered drink packet. Fill up at the H2O fountain. You'll be sippin' sweet tea for pennies.

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