Thursday, September 5, 2013

Client Review: Royal Solaris Los Cabos

Today's review is from Laura. She vacationed in Los Cabos this August with her husband and sons (ages 18 and 22). 

We had a great time.  Los Cabos is beautiful and we definitely want to go back.   We'd stay at a different resort though.   For a few reasons; mainly the ocean is not swimmable.  The undertow is so strong that the hotel discourages guests from swimming at the beach.  That didn't stop my husband or sons though, they definitely swam in the ocean every day, but didn't not venture out far.  Several guests did the same thing.  We did see 2 people (1 adult and 1 kid) need to be rescued though, so my family swam with extreme caution and stayed close to the shore line.   

The food at the resort was not that great.  But since this is my first time in Mexico and at any all inclusive resort I don't know if that is normal.   The hotel recycled food thru out the day and getting a reservation at the 2 restaurants were next to impossible.   You were supposed to call at 9am every day to make a reservation, if you called at 9:05 it was full.   We did eat at their Mexican rest 1 day and that food was great, but the Italian restaurant was always booked.   By Wednesday, we started to eat off of the resort.  There is a strip right across from the hotel where this is a Rock & Brew (KISS restaurant) that had great live band and Great food and there was a great small taco restaurant down the street that we at at a few times.  The staff at the hotel were friendly, but everything was expensive.   The hotel doesn't offer any shuttles, so the cost to get to Cabo San Lucas from the Hotel was a $35.00 cab ride 1 way or $76.00 shuttle round trip.   The shuttle would have been great, but their times were spread way to far apart so you would be stuck in Cabo San Lucas for 6 hours.   The hotel charged an arm and a leg for everything, if you lost your wrist band they would have charged $70.00 to replace it, lost the key to the safe $100.00 and lost a towel you took for the pool they would have charged $30.00 per towel.   So everyone guarded their stuff like crazy.  :0)    Manuel from Apple vacations at the hotel was not so nice.  He seemed to be upset with me when I told him I booked all our activites prior to arriving.  He wanted to know why we didn't use Amstars website.   I just told him, I liked to be prepared and pre-pay for everything before we got there so I know what we are doing every day.   

I totally forgot what you said about finding and talking with the Flower Printed shirt at the airport.  I knew to find the flower shirt, but after we cleared customs we were bombarded with these guys right before you leave the airport.  I thought it was another process we needed to go thru before I could get outside so we fell for the whole spiel that the guy gave us.  He freaked out my husband and son's because he told us that Royal Solaris resort is not great and no one goes there.  It took me about 10 min to figure out that this was a sales pitch for their resort.  Once I realized that I cut off the conversation and we left.  I told my husband I should have followed my gut and really listened to what Angie said in her email.  LOL  everyone at the airport fell for it though.  Those guys were good. 

I sound like I'm complaining, and I'm really not.   We had a fantastic time, my son's absolutely loved it.  And while my husband wasn't too thrilled with the area when we first got there (he was expecting more greenery and not desert) by the end of our trip he said he'd much rather go to this area than the Cancun area next time.  :)  We'd probably like to stay in Cabo San Lucas the next time we go because that area just had so much more to do.   The Cabo Adventures were great.  The boys did Zip lining and Swim with the dolphins, as a family we did the Snorkling and then my two son's did ATV's and a Land Sea tour by themselves while my husband and I went to Cabo San Lucas to shop and eat dinner. 

Thank you for everything you did for us for this trip.  We will definitely be booking another trip soon. 

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